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JUNE 2nd – 4th, 2023   ZILINA, SLOVAKIA

Nati & Beat



Natalia & Beat's Wedding - AMBIENTES Impressive wedding 7B8E37B4-925B-4886-BCFF-001D2B77B5

We invite you to come celebrate our love with us.





Arrival To Slovakia


You can fly to Vienna Airport or Bratislava Airport. Please make your way from the airports to Bratislava’s old town, if you would like to use our organized wedding transport.


From Vienna Airport, there are 3 bus companies that will take you straight to the old town in Bratislava:


For private transport check:

We have planned a whole day together on Friday, so if you can make it early please arrive on Thursday! For those who can´t make it the main event starts Friday late afternoon / evening.


We are organizing bus transportation for you from Bratislava to our wedding locations on the following days:

  • Thursday, 01.06.2023, 5pm

  • Friday, 02.06.2023, 3pm

The bus will pick you up at the bus stop Most SNP (Google Maps).


By Car

If you would prefer to drive and explore the beautiful castles of Slovakia, parking is available at the location. Please let us know if you are coming with a car, so we can reserve a parking spot for you.


By Train

Please check the Slovak train service from Bratislava to Zilina:



Good News! No need to worry about accommodation. We have reserved room for everyone at our wedding location.


Your room will be allocated as you come and can be paid at the end of your trip. The price per night is around 150 EUR.

Link to our wedding venue and accommodation  is

Snímka obrazovky 2022-12-19 155352.png


Let us know if you will join the celebration by filling out the following RSVP form by End of January 2023.

Are you attending the wedding?
If yes, when are you arriving?

Thank you for replying.




What is cocktail attire?

With cocktail attire, you're expected to look smart, but not overly formal. It's one step down from formal attire.


What to wear:

A suit, or trouser and blazer combo. The tie is optional, but if you're not sure, wear one and you can remove it later. All dress lengths are acceptable, so long as you don't go too short, and your outfit is still smart and dressy. Please avoid white color and keep in mind that when choosing shoes you may be on grass or gravel during the day.


Can we bring our kids?

We love your kids but thought you might like a weekend off. Adults only please.


What can you do in Slovakia?

To be continued...

Nati & Beat

Natalia & Beat's Wedding - AMBIENTES Impressive wedding 4C88B7CB-9051-48A1-9ECA-D272A8C306
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